Indonesia's the fourth most populous country on earth after China, India, and the United States. Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, almost 87.20% of Indonesians declared themselves Muslim in the 2010 census. 9.89% of population adhered to Christianity (of which more than 70% were Protestant), 1.68% were Hinduism, 0.74% Buddhist, and 0.56 of other faiths. Most Indonesian Hindus are Balinese and most Buddhists in modern-day Indonesia are Tionghoa . The Indonesia Population according to the 2010 national census was 237.64 million, and it was estimated to reach 255 million in 2015. Indonesia government is Republic, With the House of Representatives (DPD), Regional Representatives Council (DPR) and the President elected directly. The capital city is Jakarta.


Indonesia’s a country in Southeast Asia which is crossed by the equator and is located between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world that consists of 17.000 islands, Indonesian archipelago became an important trade region that is when the kingdom of Sriwijaya in Palembang religion and trade relations with China and India Since the 7th century. Alternative name of Indonesia is Nusantara. Indonesia's ethnic composition was varied because this country has hundreds of ethnic and cultural diversity.

The Largest Indonesia Population is Javanese 42% and Sundanese 17%. Javanese and Sundanese comes from the Java Island, that’s the most populous Island in Indonesia with about 60% of Indonesia's population lives on Java. When combined with the island of Sumatra, amount to 80% of the total population. This is an indication that the Indonesia population concentration is paramount in western Indonesia. The most populous provinces are West Java (more than 43 million inhabitants), while the population is the most deserted province of West Papua in eastern Indonesia (with a population of about 761.000 citizen).

The population database in some big city with a population more than one million to the national census 2010 :


By table of database above, Jakarta is the largest population and Makasar’s the minimum population of six other cities that have a population of over one million Indonesian.

Indonesia Population data based on population growth in each province until 2014 :


Estimates of Indonesia population according to projections made by the United Nations (UN) by observing the population of the absolute Indonesia in the future, estimation of Indonesia population of more than 250 million people in 2015, more than 270 million people in 2025, more than 285 million people in 2035 and 290 million in 2045. Only after 2050 the Indonesia population will be reduced. According by UN projections in 2050, about 66% of Indonesia population will living in urban areas. Since 40 years ago, Indonesia is undergoing a process of rapid urbanization, therefore, now about 50% Indonesian living in urban areas. This process showed a positive development for the Indonesian economy because urbanization and industrialization will create further economic growth and Indonesia be country with the upper middle income levels. Every year Indonesia population continues to increase, in 2014 the average population is made up of more than 1.7%.

Population census data released by BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik) or National Central of Statistics said the working age population in February 2010 increased by 2.76 million people compared to February 2009, which is about 67% of the working age population is in active labor in economic activities and the amount reached 116.00 million people. This amount increased by 2.17 million people (1.91%) compared to the situation in August 2009.

The Indonesia Population Based jobs in February 2010, from 107.43 million working people, most working in the agricultural sector are 42.9 million people (39.9%), followed by trade sector by 22.3 million people (20.7%) and social services sector amounted to 15.7 million people (14.6%).


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