Indonesia is an important country in Asia , as the largest democracy in the world and the Muslim world , or about 88 % of the 220 million population of Indonesia is Muslim , Islam Indonesia has a huge influence and be exemplary throughout the development of democracy and the relationships between religions and also to respect for diversity and to promote peace and tolerance referred to the teachings of Islam by " Rahmatan lil Alamin . "
Islamic characters in Indonesia is very different from Islam in other countries , including Islam in the Middle East , because Islam was entered to Indonesia by way of peace. As a result , Muslim in Indonesia has the character of a peaceful and non-violent . This character embraced by the majority of Muslims in Indonesia and has lasted centuries old . High tolerance in Indonesia has made this country as an Islamic state that can be correlated with the idea of democracy in accordance with the principles of Pancasila .

Muslims in Indonesia have understood its existence and does not escape from the environment, in particular on the existence of Indonesia. It is a factor that makes Indonesian Muslims can live in harmony and peace in the country consisting of various religious, ethnic, racial, and so on, they are very tolerant of each other, so that could be a good example for Islamic countries worldwide.

Indonesia was managed to make the Muslim part of the country , and also part of Indonesia’s national direction . It became the world 's attention a number of officials , they marvel at the same time praised the attention the diversity of Islam Indonesia which may lead to the mutual respect and respect for others . They also expressed admiration for the high religious of tolerance.

Islam has contributed very significantly to Indonesia and civilization, whether in the form of values as well as the physical building. Means of Islamic education in Indonesia is a boarding school, which is one system of Islamic education in Indonesia with a distinctive and unique characteristics, is also regarded as the older educational system in Indonesia. Besides, the Islamic education in Indonesia is also known as the Islamic Elementary School (elementary), Madrasah Tsanawiyah (advanced), and Madrasah Aliyah (intermediate). At the university level, Islamic education in Indonesia is also flourish along with the times, it can be seen from the continued diversity of Islamic universities. Almost every province in Indonesia can be found the State Islamic Institute and several other Islamic universities.


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