If you want to start investigatory primarily in the equity markets of Indonesia, it is fitting as investors know the kinds of investments that exist in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Investment demand by various circle in Indonesia, such as in property, either land or building, or in the field of commodious, such as precious metallurgy and gold bar, as well as other investment products.


The opportunity and advantages of investment in the Indonesia capital market further enhance the attractiveness of the Indonesia capital market in the eyes of foreign investors. Recorded in the period January to December 29, 2014 Foreign investors recorded a net buy (net buying), which reached the highest record in the history of Rp. 40.102 trillion.

Some investment products available in the Indonesia capital market to become an investment option market participants, namely, stock's, Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) Every investment product has its advantages and riskiness of each, and to facilitate investors in determiner decision making and investment purposes in accordance with the characteristics of each instrument existing investments.

Indonesia capital market has a variety of types of investment products that can be the choice for market participants to invest. As for the protection participants as well as the rules of implementation of capital market activities was regulated in the Capital Market Act 8 of 1995.

As the Indonesia capital market regulator, the Stock Exchange are required to always evolve and take the initiative in creating a variety of investment products that can meet the needs of investors to invest in Indonesia capital market. BEI also continue updating the trading system, as well as setting up parties and drives the market (liquidity provider) to keep the supply and demand of derivative products. Variational of innovative investment products developed by IDX also open up greater opportunistically for investors to invest in Indonesia. To that end, it should be noted that the awareness of investment and change the Indonesian people from the community who likes saving (saving society) into a society that likes to invest (investment society) is the one of the priority programs in the development of BEI.

Various outreach programs continue to be done by the BEI alongside other Self Regulatory Organization, namely the Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (KPEI) and Indonesian Central Secured Depository (KSEI) in order to increase the number of investors and issuer in Indonesia. Registered secured listed on the Indonesian Capital Market listed on the Indonesian Central Secured Depository (KSEI):

2. Warrants
3. Rights
4. Corporate Bonds
5. Government Bonds
6. Medium Term Notes
7. Promissory Notes
8. Negotiable Certificate Of Deposits
9. Commercial Paper's
10. SBI - Bank Indonesia Certificate
11. SPN - Treasury Bills
12. Sukuk
13. Investment Fund Instrument
14. Depository Receipt
15. American Warrant
16. Mutual Fund
17. SBSN-Shariah Secured
18. Asset-Backed Secured

Various regions in Indonesia the goal of outreach programs by organizer workshop reporters. Local media attendee this workshop is expected to be a media partner to disseminate information and knowledge related about capital market.


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